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Part two of three of the required assignments.

In this assignment, you will continue your work with Maritzia’s portfolio and DRDP© (2010).

  1. Your first task will be to review her DRDP© (2010) and to complete a Child's Developmental Progress report highlighting her progress and goals for her family. You may revisit the DRDP© (2010) form you completed in Module 6 if you follow this link USING THE SAME COMPUTER you used to fill in the form. Use the form supplied to write and submit your summary report electronically to the Instructor. Simply download the document to your computer, fill in the spaces and email the document to the instructor as an attachment. drdp.instructor@wested.org

  2. Your second task will be to review the Group Data Excel File for Maritzia’s class. Identify two Domains that you would focus on for the next six month period. (Remember, plans are made on a Domain level, not a Measure level.) Using the Developmental Profile Summary of Findings, create a plan and submit your work electronically to the Instructor. Make sure your plan includes environmental ideas, activity ideas and training ideas in the same way that they are laid out in the example of a completed form from the library section. drdp.instructor@wested.org

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