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Good observation skills are key for you to be able to collect important information about each child’s growth and development throughout the program day. The readings in this module will help you to fine tune your observation skills so that the notes you collect over time can be objective “snapshots” of the child in action.

After you feel you have gained a good understanding of the characteristics of objective observation notes, try visiting the Playground to test your own knowledge!

  • Please view the first chapter of the Observation DVD

  • You may have found observation of young children to be challenging. This article from Head Start, Overcoming Observation Challenges, addresses some of those challenges and gives some helpful hints to improve your techniques.

  • Job Aids: There are two job aids included with this article that you may find useful to print out as a reference
    • Guidelines for Accurate and Objective Recording
    • Tips for Overcoming Preconceived Notions during Observation

NEXT STEP: When you have finished with this portion of the training, please visit the Playground.

Module 3

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